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Juliana Peanuts exports the best peanuts to several countries in Mercosur and North America, Asia and the Middle East.
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About us

Juliana Peanuts is a family business founded in 2006 by Hugo Stein and Juliana Stein.

It had a modest but pioneering start by offering peanuts with an above-average quality. Persistence and perseverance brought knowledge, and it was only a matter of time before Juliana Peanuts used technology to increase the quality of their products and increase productivity in the peanut supply chain.

In 2016 Juliana Peanuts continued its growth by moving to its own, larger and better headquarters, after technical visits to the most modern companies in the world.

Today we pride ourselves on offering a peanut with unsurpassed quality for your retail or manufacturing business, supermarket, small business or food service company. With its own quality control and production system and the highest technology, Juliana Peanuts values good relationships with its customers.

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To provide quality peanut products through the use of advanced technology, working with qualified people, and cherishing excellence in service with environmental responsibility.


In the next ten years be a reference in the processing and blanching of peanuts, and reach in a solid and structured way new markets at national and international level.


Integrity. Trust. Commitment to the truth. Respect for life, people and the environment. Quality and continuous improvement.

Our products

Natural peanuts

Natural peanuts can be sold directly (packaged) or be used in the production of roasted and fried peanuts, crispy peanuts, or for the manufacture of peanut eggs, sweet and crispy snacks, among others.

Blanched peanuts

Juliana Peanuts' blanched peanuts can be used in the production of peanut butter as well as in the production of roasted and fried peanuts, pure or with garlic.

Roasted peanuts

Our roasted peanuts can be used to produce peanut butter (unsalted roasted peanuts) or can be packaged and marketed as food or snack (salted roasted peanuts).

Foreign trade

At Juliana Peanuts the peanut exporting activities came naturally with our investments in production technology, quality control and sustainable productivity.

We achieve the productivity and quality goals required by the strictest international standards, as well as the certification requirements of the entire process of processing and sustainable quality control of the product.

From planting to maintenance, through the right ways of harvesting, from transportation to processing of the product in natura, to blanching and roasting, Juliana Peanuts is able to meet the specifications of each customer in each market.

Today Juliana Peanuts holds the certificate of the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, for marketing in the United States. And our export department serves the following markets:

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